Australian Student Visa Assessment Level Changes 2014


The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection released this week the final version of the Review of the Student Visa Assessment Level Framework. The report considered how the student risk management framework could be amended to enhance integrity, but to also assist the competitiveness of Australia’s international sector.

One of the proposals the Government is considering is to reduce the assessment levels from five to three (AL1 to AL3). As a result AL 4 and AL5 will no longer apply with changes expected to be implemented in early 2014. In addition it is proposed that the financial requirements for an AL3 student visa applicant would be reduced from the current 18 month to 12 months. This change therefore lowers the minimum evidentiary requirements needed for students from AL3 countries and education sectors.

It is also proposed that streamlined visa processing arrangements will be extended to certain low immigration risk non-university education providers who offer Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral degree courses. The changes are expected to commence in March 2014. READ MORE