Express Entry Application Process and Waiting Period 

  1. Candidate fills on-line express entry form. To be able to fill up this form, he should have key documents and information in ready possession. In case of married applicants, this information should be ready for both the principal applicant and spouse.
  2. No fee is required to be paid for the purpose of filing the on-line application form.
  3. On successful submission of application form, the candidate is issued an application number/personal reference number.
  4. Successful submission of profile in the express entry pool is not guarantee that invite to apply for Canada permanent residence visa will surely be issued.
  5. Using the personal reference letter number, the candidate submits his resume to Canada Job Bank. This should be done within 30 days of successful submission of on-line Canada express entry form.
  6. Candidate needs to keep a close eye at website of Citizenship and Immigration, Canada, on which announcement of pool draws will be made in regular basis.
  7. Candidates whose names are picked out from the pool draws will be subjected to Canada Federal Skilled Worker selected criteria and the point system.
  8. Those meeting requirement of the FSW selection criteria will be issued invite to apply.
  9. Candidate submits second stage – post invite – application accompanied by all required documents. This must be done within 60 days of issuance of invite. An extension on the limit to apply within 60 days will not be issued. Thus, it is critically important that the candidates keep the file ready for immediate filing at all times. Many of the required documents can take weeks and at times months to be compiled. CIC has indicated that they will complete the rest of the process within 6 months of formal submission of post invite stage two form with required application fee and documents.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada clearly defines which Immigration consultant can represent an application, on behalf of clients, with the department. The department calls them authorized representatives, and among them are the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants who are members in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council ( Ensure that, if you are hiring a paid immigration consultant, he/she is an authorized representative to represent you with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and other Canadian Government agencies.